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Music default sorting by Artist ...

as to an audio cd collection, actually, when items view is set to "Images", default sort is by CD title.
Two things:
1) I think this kind of sort isn't useful. I'd like a default sort by Artist/Author.
2) It would be useful to have a 'sort by' menu (like the 'Group by' one) or at least, a default sort field in the preferences.

I've tried to look at the code, and I've noticed the item object has only five main fields, that are:
- borrower
- displayed
- favourite
- idx
- picture
- title

I think we need another main field, that is 'Author' or 'Artist' or 'Name' or something like this.
I'm trying to add this field and set it every time a new item is added to the collection.

Update: I've posted the patch here: http://forums.gcstar.org/viewtopic.php?id=1627


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