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MobyGames plugin won't search sometimes

gcstar 1.6.1, on Ubuntu 10.10
Latest updates applied.

When performing the initial search, sometimes the action hangs gcstar. No error message ever appears. I verified that the correct HTML page is coming in, but the HTML parser is hanging. From what I can tell, it has to do with the "(a.k.a. ********)" bits after the titles.

I'll give you an example. Try searching for "great giana sisters", and gcstar returns these results just fine:
http://www.mobygames.com/search/quick?q … &sG=on

But if you search only for "giana", gcsar hangs. Here are what the results are supposed to be:
http://www.mobygames.com/search/quick?q … &sG=on

My Perl knowledge is fairly limited, and my Perl debugging consists only of inserting print statements to let me know what code is being executed. But from what I can tell, the em tag with the (a.k.a.) is what kills the parser. It seems to only matter if the first result has it, though. Again, not 100% sure, but my print-debugging points to that tag as the culprit. Maybe it's expecting a year only, not a.k.a.?

I have come to loathe Mobygames. They change their formatting too often, and from what I've read on their forums, they are very hostile to allowing outside access to their data. Time to finish learning Perl and write that Freebase games plugin I've been dreaming about.

I just realized, "a.k.a." appears in the Release Date column of the results list, instead of the year. But it shows up for the game *before* the one with the "a.k.a.". In my example of a working search, "great giana sisters", the C64 port of Great Giana Sisters shows a date of "a.k.a." but it is the *next* game, "Giana Sisters DS" which has the "a.k.a." in the actual HTML results. Weird. I'm going to poke around and maybe I can find a quick and dirty fix.

Nailed it! big_smile

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