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Back in business (but I need your help too)

Hello everyone,

After a long period of really low activity, I'm trying to do my best to spend again some time on GCstar. A lot of personal and professional stuff happened in the meantime that kept me busy. I still don't have as much time as I used to be, but at least I'll focus on saving some of this time for this software that I never forgot about.

First, I'll go through all the messages I received and to which ones I didn't reply. It may take some time and I ask you to accept my apologies for this delay. Don't hesitate to send me again an email you may have sent to me and that has been left with no replies. I think that in 1 or 2 weeks, I should be done with the catch-up of emails, but I can't promise I won't miss a message (or even that I may have deleted it by mistake). So that's the first thing I may need from you, some gentle reminders that you sent me a message.

Then, I need to think of what to do with the forums. At some point, it became unmanageable and I was just spending time fighting spam instead of reading actual messages. I won't have time to take care of that. So I see 2 options here:
- Keeping the same forum, but with some moderators that would follow it regularly
- Creating a new forum, at the same place, or hosted somewhere else, that could have a good anti-spam module

The forum you see here is based on an old version of PunBB that I customized to have it integrated to the current website. I wouldn't be able to do the same at the moment with a more recent version. So the 1st option could be the easiest one, at least as a first step. If you would like to take care of this moderation, please contact me by email.

And, starting as soon as possible, I'll also work on the software itself. I'll start with the bugs you may have found and with new features. Some changes have actually already been made on the development version, but they haven't been released yet. So the first step could be to just release it after I'll manage to identify exactly what are the changes.

I hope I'll post some messages here soon with more concrete updates.



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Re: Back in business (but I need your help too)

Welcome back Tian smile

And thanks for your work.



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Re: Back in business (but I need your help too)

Welcome back!



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Re: Back in business (but I need your help too)

Hello !

I'm very happy to see that you are back !



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Re: Back in business (but I need your help too)

Hello Tian,

Nice to see that you are back again on GCStar !
There was a long time since I don't update my collections... This great news sounds to me as it is now time to update and continue with GCStar !!
Thank you for your work.




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Re: Back in business (but I need your help too)

Did I dream this?
I hate every other single program to manage my collections. I know it's a hard job and I can only give you my support to non software related things since I come from the world of letters. So, I can offer you my help with English-Spanish translation and moral support, noyhing else, and nothing less!! :-)
During this years I changed from linux mint to windows and it's a pity that nobody could port the program.



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Re: Back in business (but I need your help too)

Windows binaries were not generated for the latest official and unofficial versions but these versions can be used on Windows by installing Perl and some libraries then starting the main script from the source code tree.



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