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Sharing fixed (mostly) IMDb plugin

Hi, everybody,

The Imdb plugin was missing a lot of functionality since months ago.
After trying to hack the code without proper knowledge of perl and regex, I managed to fix (for the current state of the IMDb website) several things. I'm sharing the fixed plugin attached to this post. Here are the changes:

The main title:
- It fetches the title localized in your current location. Alternative, you can activate the english localization by uncommenting a line in sub new that changes the user agent language.

The original title:
- It works perfectly now.

The release year:
- Previously it fetched the release date in your own country. I changed to fetch the "global" release year.

Directors list:
- Now you don't get the annoying "(as ...)", "(uncredited)", and "x more credits" text attached to the names.

Genre list:
- Fixed it.

Age certification:
- Fixed it as well

Length (duration):
- Also fixed. It gives the total number of minutes now (e.g. "125 min"). It's easy to change to othe format if you prefer.

There are probably still some bugs in the plugin. I hope somebody that gets the file finds them (and help to fix them).

GCstar has always been my favourite program to keep track of my movies. I'm glad to share back to the community of users.

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