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End of master SVN repository

The gna.org server hosting the SVN repository of GCstar closed in May.

The desktop version sources are still available on Launchpad, in the various Linux packages referenced there or in a GitLab repository, which is a good thing as they are under a GPL license.

As for the Android applications available for download on the Google store, GCstar Viewer and GCstar Scanner, the source code doesn't seem to be publicly available anymore (please correct me if I'm wrong). I only have old copies (late 2015). As the viewer is open source (GPL) I can create a Git repo to help comply with the licence (without the whole commit history). The scanner doesn't seem to be open source : it's up to the author (Tian) to decide what to do next. Someone else may have the newest versions of the sources (late 2016).

As GCstar seems to be of interest of some of us, I hope it will continue to evolve and remain available.

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Re: End of master SVN repository

Can we agree on which is the canonical source code repository of GCstar, and update the links on this website accordingly? This would be very helpful.



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