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Audiobook module request

I'd love to see an audiobook module for GCStar. 

I'm envisioning the books module with a few additions

- narrator (small text- possibly multiple) - the narrators of the audio book
- totalSeconds (integer) - the length of book in seconds - useful for scraping book details from Audible
- numberOfFiles (smallint) - number of audio files which comprise the audiobook
- localLocation (string) - URL or identifying string to which the audiobook can be found locally
- cloudLocation  (string) - URL or identifying string to which the audiobook has been backed up
- duration (small text) - Length of book in human readable format, something like "12H 04M 23S"
- originalFormat (small text) - The original format from which the audiobook originated (cassette, DVD, online, etc)



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Re: Audiobook module request

They may be 2 options for creating a model for audiobook collections.

- Considering it as an evolution of the books model, duplicating the model that already support ebooks then adding the required additional informations. For example, you could try to use the menu "Edit/Change collection fields" to create the fields you want and provide me with the result so that I can integrate it in the GCstar repo. Or manually edit a copy of the books models (an XML file). In that case, I would recommend to add a new tab "Audiobooks" to hosts the new fields.

- Considering it as a brand new type of collection with the menu "New/New collection type". Once your user model is stable, I could then integrate it in the GCstar repo as a common model.



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