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New tab for storage location

The user lao-collectibles proposes to create a new generic tab for refine the locations where the physical collections items are stored. Currently there is a "location" tag that should remain and it's up to the users to use it in a rational way (for exemple, Home/Bedroom1/CabinetA/Drawer2/BoxA....).

The proposal would be to have hierarchical fields to hold this type of information, for example

- Building (possibly prefixed by the address: Home, GarageCottage, RentedStorageA...)
- Room
- Furniture (CabinetWest, DisplayCabinetLeft, WoodShelvesA, TrunkBox1,...)
- Level (Top, DrawerBottomRight, ...)
- Container (SafeBox, WoodBox1, CaseRock,...)
- Compartment (Bottom, LeafletA, Tab1... )
- Index

Any advice on the structure or the suitability for all kind of collections?



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