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trailer viewer

IMDB now has previews (perhaps for quite a while).  While I can click the IMDB button and then scroll/click the 'Watch trailer' button/link in my browser it would be nicer if there was a 'trailer browser' built into the GCStar interface so that we could watch the trailers from here.

Impossible? Or too bloated?

How about adding a link/button that launches the IMDB's trailer page in browser. 

And grabbing that info for that link from IMDB in a nice way -- i.e., so that we don't have to update all the info manually for all the movies

It would be good too if the focus went to the web browser when the button was clicked.


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Re: trailer viewer

Or maybe just the possibility to view the trailer from youtube by having a field to add the youtube URL...



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Re: trailer viewer

You could choose a video file under the 'Details'-Tab where you can choose a trailer. If you do so, you can press on 'Play' and *wow* you watch a trailer out of GCstar, out of this holy piece of software. Great isn't it? wink



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