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Amazon (DE,FR,EN,US) search finds nothing

GCstar 1.6.2 on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04)

The internet search for Movies at Amazon (DE, FR, EN, US) does not work any more. I allways get "nothing was found". I tried a fresh install with updates (gcstar -u).

Reproducible e.g. by searching for "batman". Other databases (e.g.
The Movie DB (DE)) work fine.
Any ideas? Or maybe a way how to get some debug infos, to see where the plugin fails?
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Re: Amazon (DE,FR,EN,US) search finds nothing

its the same for me. in my terminal i get this error:

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Can't call method "close" on an undefined value at /usr/bin/../share/gcstar/lib/GCImport/GCImportScanner.pm line 169.
***  ignoring at /usr/bin/gcstar line 328.

anything i can give you to hunt down the bug?



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Re: Amazon (DE,FR,EN,US) search finds nothing

In order to access Amazon you need to provide an access key and secret key. You can sign up for these at https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp … gn-in.html

You'll need to register for Amazons Web Services and provide credit card details as some of the services are chargeable.

Currently I can't see how you can use these though as GCSTAR doesn't have a way for you to input these values. Need to update the plugin first.

So if you try and access Amazon without these detials then of course the search will fail.



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Re: Amazon (DE,FR,EN,US) search finds nothing

Hello davey-mac (or others). I'm trying to fetch movies from Amazon while using my keyboard as a barcode scanner, and I'm only getting part of the information -- not including title -- the newly added titles simply say "New movie". Is this related to the issue you talk about above?

In what files are the access and secret keys located? A grep though the files didn't show anything.



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Re: Amazon (DE,FR,EN,US) search finds nothing

Hello crmccluskey

The plugin for the French version of Amazon is basically working. It doesn't rely on the API but scraps the web site. This may help to improve the other versions.



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