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[Plugin] New plugin set for themoviedb.org with new API3

You can get the most updated plugin set version from https://github.com/soulchainer/GCstar_Plugins

IMPORTANT: you need you own api key to use the plugin.
You can request one for free here.
Usually the approval/disapproval takes 24-48 hours.
I need to do this way because the plugins are plain text and I don't have any way to hidden my personal api key. And I'm responsible for how is used, so can't give it away easily. Sorry.

Once you obtain your api key, search on file TMDb.pm for "sub apiKey" and write your key:


sub apiKey
    my $self = shift;
    return 'your api key here';

I've coded a new set of fetch plugins for http://www.themoviedb.org/, with the new API. The former set was coded with API 2, which has been deprecated (the old plugins, "The Movie DB (CountryCode)", by Zombiepig, didn't work since a time).

The new plugins appears on the GUI like "TMDb (CountryCode)". I have made it for US (base plugin), DE, ES, FR and added also RU (like requested here).

Plugin file are attached to the post, extract it in /usr/lib/gcstar/GCPlugins/GCfilms folder (or where GCfilms are placed in your system).

It works for:

- Title
- Date
- Runtime
- Directors
- Country
- Genre
- Actors
- Original title
- Synopsis
- Press rating
- Age Rating
- Serie
- Cover

Everything that matters ^^

Sometimes certain data didn't appear because: they're not exist.
When that happens, if you want, take your time and contribute with TMDb by completing the movie data for your country :p
Other cause can be that the changes on the database are not immediatly applied. So even if on the site appears (for example) the runtime of that russian film that you just edited, it takes its time to be available for the API.

If anybody has a problem, tell me and I will do what I can.

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