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[Plugin] Plugin IMDb.es


i've developed a fetch plugin for film collections, allowing retrieval from IMDb.es. I made it for personal use, but if it serves to someone else, would be great ^^

It's based on groms's IMDB.com plugin, mainly because i start to code it without any idea about perl (and barely the basics from other languages :p) about a 2 week ago and because GCstar wiki neither helped me pretty much. It's not a simple edit, because the layout (and info) of IMDb.com and IMDb.es info are pretty different (a nonsense, in my opinion) sad .

Plugin file are attached to the post, extract it in lib/GCPlugins/GCfilms folder.

It works for:
- Title
- Date. Recover the entire date isn't complex, but i consider only the year more useful)
- Runtime
- Directors. Only two, because the rest are placed on a different page on IMDb.es. Again, isn't complex to recover, but requires more time and i don't consider it really necessary (unlike the synopsis).
- Country
- Actors. Took me ages to figure out how to save the actors and the roles on different columns >_<)
- Original title
- Synopsis. Like the directors, it only shows a few words... and the rest it's placed on a different page. It retrieve the full version, of course. Note: the spanish IMDb version have a serious lack of synopsis. The plugin works, but there are few synopsis to recover (i recommend to use the plugin on combination with other that supplies spanish synopsis, or collaborate with IMDb sending synopsis :p).
- Press rating
- Age Rating. When available the Spain rating only, adapt it to other country only needs a word replacement on line 259 ("Espaņa" for something other spanish-speaking country name)).
- Genre
- Cover (big image)

I have tested it pretty much and think that it's all ok, but, obviously, there may have errors (Archlinux, GCstar 1.7.0; Windows 7, GCstar 1.6.1).
If anybody has a problem, tell me and i will do what i can :p

And many thanks to Tian (and all the developers and contributers) for making this software possible ņ_ņ
I hope that this plugin won't be the last, if i can ^^

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Re: [Plugin] Plugin IMDb.es

Well... after going to revise IMDb, i found on http://www.imdb.com/help/show_leaf?usedatasoftware this:

The data must be taken only from the plain text data made available from our FTP sites (see alternative interfaces for more details and for links to our FTP servers). You may not use data mining, robots, screen scraping, or similar online data gathering and extraction tools on our website. If the information/data you want is not present in the data files available from our FTP sites, it means it's not available for non-commercial usage.

Before reading this, i presumed that groms (creator of the IMDB plugin) asked for permission to IMDb when he created their plugin (and that it could be applicable also to the spanish version)... but now, i'm not sure >_<
So i prefer to remove the plugin from here for asking for permission to IMDb and wait response.

So, if any admin/mod of the forum read this, please: delete the attachment file or the full thread (because i can't, obviously) >_<



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