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Scanning items on Windows

Scanning barcodes was broken on Windows, as the Gtk2/Glib port doesn't seem to handles correctly for socket related. I modified the file GCImport/GCImportScanner to make use of threads when running on Windows to bring this useful feature back for some users.

There's some limitations though: one can't change the port number between 2 scans in the same session, scans from 2 devices in the same session is not supported. The workaround is to close and relaunch GCstar before changing device or changing the port.

The code is available in a separate branch Fix_Windows_Scanner of my Gitlab repo. I've tested it on Windows 7 and 10 (ActivePerl and Strawberry) and Ubuntu 16.04. Other user's feedback is welcome before integrating the changes in the main Test branch.



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