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Hi guys

I just registered and since I'm not of those users who start asking things the second they enter a forum, I'll post a little presentation here... then I'll start annoying you as usual tongue

I'm Italian, 33 years old, Linux user since.. uh... too many years... damn I'm old.

I'm a coder and I work as an enterprise-level web app developer (things like PHP, LDAP, ORACLE, MySQL, etc... ). In my spare time I often contribute to open source projects and I have some on my own too. I'm also involved in an ong association which goal is getting Linux and Feee Software known and adopted in my city.

I have an Android Smartphone and I'm interested in GCstar and its android viewer.

Oh.. and I am a proud KDE user but I do prefer GCstar to Tellico, so I moved to the enemy side (those weird Gtk users tongue )

That's all... now I can start spamming this forum as a noob user lol



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