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More than one Video-File

It would be great if the would be the possibility to give more tha one Video File for example if the Movie is split in 3 Files.
At the moment I have to build a playlist file and play that file with a player that support this playlistfiles witch is not the optimal solution.
You could connect the amount of video files with the result of  "# of media" field.



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Re: More than one Video-File


There is a problem with that. How GCstar is supposed to launch the external player? Some of them could work with something like that:

player movie1 movie2 movie3

But I am not sure it could work for all of them. And as these processes are launched in background, we can't launch them one after the other.

Something like that could work with bash:

(player movie1 && player movie2 && player movie3) &

But it's not portable.

So before creating a task for this, I think we should discuss here how this could be implemented.



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Re: More than one Video-File

hmm is it not possible to like in this Example:
You have one movie split in 3 different files.
You set the amount of "# of media" to 3
3 Viedeo Files field appear.
You give the path to the files.
You hit the play button.
The Video Player start with the 1 file...
After the Video Player is finished it return something or your Method to start external programs in perl give some sort of return value.
So its time to start the 2 file
and so on till there is no more files left in the "list of files"...

The only Problem with this solution is that if the user quit the movie player for example because he has to go and no time for watching the hole movie the other 2 files would be started to...

a other solution would be a play button behind the "Video Files field" that appear if the movie has more than one file. So that the user have to start every file himself. This way would it also simple to manage a hole season of a TV-Show...



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