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GCstar Viewer is on Android Market

GCstar Viewer is now available on the Android Market. This is a new version compared to the one previously announced. Here are its new features:

  • Image mode for list of items
  • Collection and pictures may be stored in one single zipped file (.gcz)
  • New search with suggestions
  • Button to open the page information was fetched from
  • Previous and Next button in menu when an item is shown



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Re: GCstar Viewer is on Android Market

Hi, this application is very userful!!!
I'm not sure that this is the correct section to post, but I have a feature request: it would be great to have the possibility to order and filter the items of the collection based on the fields of the collection itself.
A practical example: what movie will I see tonight? -> filter the movies of the collection that are unseen and order them by the rating or by the genre.



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