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Bunch of my features requests #2

I've been using GCstar for quite some time now and managed to get to know it better, so I have further features requests and suggestions:

1. I would like to suggest making "Digital Download" field for collections like books (e-books), movies, video games, software and especially music. Some overlay image (I could make and provide such graphics) in Virtual Shelves view could also be added for items marked as digital downloads to indicate they have no physical media.

2. Status of items: owned or wish list. This feature request has already been published in some other thread on this Forum, so this is just a reminder.

3. I think that very useful feature would be copying text on clicking fields in Read Only view. One click on field would automatically copy for example description or info about author of movie, book etc.

4. Clickable URLs in Read Only View. My Software Collection Model contains Home Page field for url of applications home page which one can visit by clicking a button (added by zombiepig) next to the fileld. It would be very convenient to be able to click such link also in Read Only View.

5. Option to crop or scale cover images to the proportions of box (overlay) image in Virtual Shelves view. GCstar is scaling overlay images of DVD and CD boxes to dimensions of cover image fetched or added manually by user. DVD or CD box have fixed dimensions so the cover image should be scaled or cropped to box dimensions not like now the box is scaled. As far as books are concerned scaling of cover is ok because there are books with different cover sizes but CD or DVD box should always be the same size!

6. Option to use different types of box overlay images for same Collection Model. For example for Video Games different box for PC games, different for XBox games,  different for PSP games etc.

I think that's all for now smile

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Re: Bunch of my features requests #2

I would also like the option to use different types of box overlay images for same Collection Model.

The specific model I would like is the Movies or films.gcm. I would like to have three different overlays:
1. DVD
2. Blu-ray
3. Blu-ray - DVD Combo

Each Overlay would have some text to distinguish between them and also a specific color behind the text. 

This would allow for easy spotting of media types.



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