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Batch changing values [bug?]


I grabbed some book info from a database, which gave me "Engelska" as a language value. However, I had previously manually entered a book with the language "svenska" (note capitalization difference). For consistency, I'd like them both to be lowercase (which is also the correct way to write it in Swedish), but when trying to edit the capitalization it just automatically changes to the value used before.

This also applies to other instances, like when different sources use "&" or "and" in publisher's names, getting two values.

The easiest way to solve all of these problems would imo be if you could see a list of all entered values, and edit them in any fashion you'd like.




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Re: Batch changing values [bug?]


Did you try the feature "Find and Replace" available from the Edit menu? It looks like what you would need.

A feature that is planned, is to show the history of current values in the dialog box when applicable (i.e. for fields with a history such as combo boxes).



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