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Old (B.C.) Pub Dates


For Publication Date in the Books Collection, I always use the original date that the works was first published (Ex. Even though Penguin Books published their version of Don Quixote in 2003, I use 1615 as the pub date.)

For really old titles like the works of some Greek philosophers, I'd like to keep this pattern. I entered a work of Ethics by Aristotle which was written in 350 BC so I entered -350 for the pub year. I was happy when it accepted it but then I saw that it sorted it after 2010. Is there a way to enter a BC date and make it sort to the top of the list?

Ex. Should be...

-350 Ethics
1615 Don Quixote
1922 Ulysses
2010 American Zombie Gothic

I am using GCstar 1.6.1 on a 64x Win Vista system.

Thanks once again for such a great product!



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