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Labeling my bookshelves

Hi, I just started using GCstar and instantly I knew it was better than at least the 3 other softwares (paid) I tried.

I am organizing my grandpa's library. He used to index it by hand, writing on a folder each title, author, and giving each book a number.

The thing is, since he retired, his library has grown bigger and bigger, and his old "foder" method is almost useless. What I am looking for is to re-create that index using GCStar.

What I would need is:

1. Add all books (A hard job, already started)
2. Make GCStar add each book a number (consecutive?)
3. Find a suitable software to print small labels (0.7cm x 2cm). Perhaps Avery
4. Print all labels and add them to the books

PS: I live in Argentina and some rare books printed here can't be found neither on Amazon US, nor ISBNdb, is there any way to make a search script for MercadoLibre Argentina? it's like Amazon on US

Thanks in advance




Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.