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Import by IMDB ID?


Is there any way of importing a movie collection into GCstar using IMDB ID for data retrieval rather than searching by title?

I have a large collection catalogued in an old program that stores IMDB IDs. I've created a CSV file with titles etc. but a test import using a subset showed that GCstar required near-constant manual intervention with this data, selecting from the list of matching titles. Auto-selecting the first match is rarely correct in my case.

Importing by ID would be much more accurate/automatic for users and less work for IMDB servers. It would be useful for importing data from any movie collection manager that stored IMDB IDs.

GCstar looks excellent, so it would be great if I could use it :-)



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Re: Import by IMDB ID?

that is a good idea, I would like to see this too since there is many titles that are identical or very similar, i also have a very big collection and this may be a help



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Re: Import by IMDB ID?

Old topic, but I found it first when searching the exact same thing.

This is already supported, in fact IMDb supports searching its IDs:

File / Import / Names list
Site to be used: IMDb
Provide a file with only IMDb IDs in every line (e.g. tt0000001).

As fetching titles from IMDb is quite slow (4s / title for me) and the process cannot be halted, probably you should split your collection into smaller parts and import less items at a time.



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