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Books: Polish National Library plugin not working

Another problem similar to the merlin.pl bug I posted above: the Biblioteka Narodowa plugin doesn't work. The ISBN searches do not work at all (try searching for 978-83-7574-270-1: no results even though the book is definitely there in their base - try searching through http if this direct link expires).

Title search seems to work somehow though it gets mad when encountering any Polish diacritics due to some encoding problem apparently. It returns a list of many positions starting with "BIA", but not a single one starting with "BIAŁ", even though there are 275 books starting with the word "Białe" in their database (Białe means White in Polish, quite a common word).

Finally, when there is a book title that has absolutely no Polish diacritics in it, the plugin manages to find the position, but the fields are mostly empty. The problem might be that the National Library search engine tends to list not books by title but rather each and every copy they have in their stores. This means that searching for, say, "Znaczy kapitan" through http returns two links: first link leading to a list of 17 copies they have and the other to some audio book (try searching for yourself if the link expires). This apparently confuses the plugin as it treats the result page as a single book (with no data) when in fact it is a list of books of the same title.

I would really love to see one of those bugs fixed as without the two search engines (Merlin and Biblioteka Narodowa) the GCstar (which I personally adore) is completely unusable for Polish users.

Why oh why is writing plugins for GCStar so complicated...



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