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Missing fields in new collection

Dear support, I had an own beer label collection with 500 records and each record contains 15fields and 3 pictures. I created the new collection and remove some not necessary fields. When I return to the first collection, the list of fields was adjusted, reduced, based on second collection. Are there any backup data to by able find my data or return back one week ago? I add these fields manually again, but these fields are empty for example "EAN". Please see the attached file. Thanks Marek



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Re: Missing fields in new collection


GCstar don't automatically create backup data. One must make copies of the GCstar files (.gcs extension) or regularly export the collections to some other format. I hope you had backups of your files.

I supposed that you made a new model for your beer collections : did the problem happened when you created a new collection using the same model or when you changed the model itself?

It may be difficult to help you without the source files of your model. As beer collections may be of interest for other users, you may consider sharing them with the GCstar community, it may increase the number of people able to help you! Did you started from the wine collection model?

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