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Fatal error while reading file

Hello smile
I collected some issues which I couldn't fix by reading through this forum and doing other internet resarch.
The GCstar version which I installed on Windows 7 (64bit) is GCstar 1.6.1

1. The main problem:
I created a GCbooks collection and in the beginning it worked well.
Just the "Internet Research" function didn't work. I tried to fix that but oddly enough it worked only partially for one book (Amazon de) finally. So I accept that this Internet research is not working. And I'm not sure if it's connected with the main problem: When I saved, closed and restarted the collection one day I got the following error message; I'm not sure if it's connected with each other:

Fatal error while reading file
Can't locate object method "getName" via package "GCPlugins::GCbooks::GCPluginAmazon" at C:\Program Files (x86)\GCstar\lib\gcstar/GCPlugins.pm line 51.

I can't open my whole book collection now sad. How does it work again?

(This problem was already mentioned by Tibhar in 2011. But there was no answer at all sad.

2. I also created a Movie Collection which I can still use now. Here was the problem that the cover images disappeared after a reopening of the collection.
How can I avoid this?

It would be so great if someone could help me with any of these questions!!! smile
Hope that this message doesn't evaporate in the void and there is actually a solution.

Many Greetings



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Re: Fatal error while reading file


You're not alone in the void, some of us are still using GCstar!

The version you're using is very old. Unfortunately for the latest version on Windows (non official as the GCstar repository closed last year and the original author seems to be no longer active), the program is not packaged and the installation has to be performed "manually" . Some instructions are available here.

Problem 1) The plugins have to adapt to the evolution of the website of the information providers. I try to follow the latest versions in a Gitlab repository. Beware that some plugins require a GCstar version that support HTTPS and none of the packaged Windows versions are compliant.

2) If the images are still on the disk under the directory associated with the collection, you should investigate what is happening in the log file AppData/Roaming/gcstar.log relative to you home directory.

I hope we'll be able to help you using this nice program.



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Re: Fatal error while reading file

Thank you so much for you helpful reply, kerenoc - I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it!! smile
After a few days of following and trying your advices it finally worked. big_smile
I'm very grateful! GCstar is such a nice programm indeed!

Perhaps until the next question - hope not wink big_smile
In any case all the best for you!



Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.