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data recovery

Hi- loved GCStar, had all of my firearms in it until a SSD drive wouldn't boot- did not recover my data then NOR write down serial numbers. Well, a family member stole three of my guns and I HAVE to try recovery of the data. My question is: where and what kind of file am I looking for that contains the data in that collection? Where is not as important as what would it look like for a name? This collection was done in Linux Mint. Thanks in advance for any and all help. I'll be going through all the labor to record this collection again if I can't recover it, but to do so would be super sweet.




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Re: data recovery


You're looking for a file with a .gcs extension and starting with


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<collection type=

then lots of XML tags corresponding to the tags you created for your collection.



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Re: data recovery

Did you manage to retrieve the file, Catdaddy? What software did you use? I've had a similar thing happen to me not long ago too. It would be awesome if I was able to retrieve the files too.



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