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Help with recovering from a crash

I had a computer go bad a couple years ago.  Everything in my c:\user directory was safely backed up.  Unfortunately, GCstar had decided to keep all the pictures in odd places, including under c:\Program Files (x86)\bin.  Frankly I don't think that's where that kind of stuff goes. 

The pictures under those paths are gone, but I have the originals.  I'd like to reconstruct the comments on my items, and easily associate pictures with by dragging and dropping or by browsing to a picture.  Unfortunately all I see is camera name, IMAGE1234.jpg, etc. Can anyone suggest an easier way to pull these images in?

Also, how do I keep GCstar from stashing pictures in other "creative" locations?



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Re: Help with recovering from a crash

GCstar stores its collections (.gcs files) where you ask him to. As fior the pictures, the default mode is a side subdirectory along the collection file whose name pattern can be modified in the parameters (Paths tab). The user can also choose a dedicated directory : maybe it's what you did when you first used GCstar. In any case, GCstar doesn't stash collection files to exotic locations without the user's consent.

Beware that GCstar stores its configuration files in %HOME%\AppData\Roaming\gcstar on Windows, in particular any custom collection model that you may have created.

In any case, like any other digital personal data, it's recommended to do regular backups of all GCstar data on alternate hardware.

To assign pictures to collection items, the standard way is to rigth click on picture when on the item's frame. Unfortunately, the GTK file chooser dialog doesn't have an image gallery mode, one has to browse the files one by one and look at the preview.

It may be more efficient to use the gallery mode of the Windows file explorer to rename the picture firsts or to keep opened a file explorer window sorted using the same criteria than GCstar file chooser to speed up the search for a specific picture.

Hope you'll be able to recover your collection.



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