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Before first run- few questions

Hi there!
I'm looking for software to make a list of my old board games collection.
GCStar looks very good and I want to use it, but before I start to add all those items, I want to know few things:

1. If it's possible to change (add some fields, remove others) to existing layout for board games template? How to do this?
2. Where I can find and download Android version of app (I was looking at Google store, but i cannot find it)
3. It's possible to make pictures at android app, add some basic fields (title, id number), and add some more data at PC? I mean if it's possible to use external databese (MySQL, or other) to store data on the server and share beetwen PC and android?

Can anybody help me with those questions?
Thank you!




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Re: Before first run- few questions

A few answers

1) CGstar is very customizable by editing the XML files containing the models for the various types of collections. One can add fields to existing models and one can change the layout of the UI (tab mode or read-only mode)

2) GCstar Viewer is an Android companion application that is no longer available on the Google Play store. See the documentation. Be awere that it is not maintained anymore and may require some tweaking to be usable on modern Android versions.

3) GCstar Viewer is true to its name and can only be use to view existing GCstar collections, not modify them. There used to be an Android app Shelves that could share information with GCstar through the importation of CSV files but it's discontinued. Still searching for an alternative after all these years!

Note : for physical items with a barcode, one can use a scanner app to collect ISBN or EAN numbers on the go and later import them in GCstar on a PC. One can use the companion application GCstar Scan NG where we implemented the synchronisation of a disconnected scan history with GCstar. With this application, while scanning, one can specify a location (typically where the item is) and a tag as a memory note.



Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.