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problem when I start gcstar

Hi, I'm sorry for my terrible english. I hope to be able to explain my problem.
When I launch gcstar 1.1.1 appears a error message. I report it in italian and then I try to traslate it in english:
titolo messaggio: wperl.exe - Impossibile trovare punto di ingresso
testo messaggio: Impossibile trovare il punto di ingresso libiconv_set_relocatio_prefix della procedura nella libreria di collegamento dinamico iconv.dll
message title: wperl.exe - Impossible to find entrypoint
message text: impossible to find entrypoint libiconv_set_relocatio_prefix of procedure in dynamic connection library iconv.dll
my OS is windows XP.

thank you very much




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Re: problem when I start gcstar


How did you install all the GCstar dependencies? Which version of Gtk2 did you use?

You may try to reinstall the Perl packages as described here:

http://wiki.gcstar.org/en/install_windo … could_i_do



Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.