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Bol.it plugin improvements

I would to make an improvement of my GCBol plugin for fecthing books information from site www.bol.it.

The problem is the site bol.it has two different section in which look for books:
- Italian Books -> http://www.bol.it/libri/
- International Books -> http://www.bol.it/books/

Now the plugin fetchs informations only from the Italian books section.

I would to implement also the fecthing on the other section, but with the same plugin.

Any idea on how to do this?

I wanted to add a new search field , may be "Language" or something like this, in which I can specify the language of the book I'm looking for.
In this way I can handle this field in the SearchUrl method.

The problem is I need also of a label visible with the field, specifying the values allowed for the field.

What do you think?
ANy alternative?

Thank you in advance.




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