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ANT xml import/export

This app is great! I mean REALLY GREAT. Even better than ANT movie database.

Now, I have used Ant for quite some time and now I want to convert to GCstar completely!

My ANT collection is saved as a XML file. This is because the save -file is used by several different programs (like my HTPC that runs mediaportal). Now, even though I can convert it to .amc and import it to GCstar I need to be able to export/save the list in the ANT xml format.

Can this be done?



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Re: ANT xml import/export


First, thank you for your congratulations.

GCstar uses also an XML format. So it's possible to do the conversion of the AMC file format to GCstar with XSLT transformation without even using GCstar. The problem is that I don't know XSLT. So I won't be able to do it.



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