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Read this before reporting a bug


When you submit a bug report, be sure to include as much information as possible. This includes:

- What version of GCstar you use
- Which platform you are running GCstar on (GNU/Linux, Windows,...)
- What is the version of your operating systems (Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 6.10,...)
- What part of GCstar is concerned by your bug (installation, Internet searches, data import,...)
- How this could be reproduced

Attach also (or post a link to) files that could be relevant, such as:

- Screenshots showing evidences of the bug
- The collection that causes some problems (.gcs file)

If your problem concerns some plugins (as the ones used to fetch information from websites), make sure you have all the available updates.

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Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.