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GCstar Viewer Crashes

GCstar viewer: version 2.9
Android OS: Jellybean (4.1.1)
Device: Nexus 7

When I try to open my movies/ films collection GCstar viewer crashes.  My collection has over 700 entries.  It seems to have to do with the size. Because I have my video game collection and board game collection and they both work fine but they are significantly smaller in the number of entries.  I would like to have this for all my collections.

Can someone please look into this.




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Re: GCstar Viewer Crashes

Gcstar View (Version 2.11)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket ( Android 2.3.6 - ok)
Samsung Galaxy Note II (Android 4.4.2 - Fail)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android 5.1.1 - Fail)

The GCstar works well on Android 2.3.6 but when I use it in Samsung Galaxy Note II ( android 4.4.2 ) or samsung galaxy note 4 ( android 5.1.1 ) the application hangs and restarts . I have 5000 registered comics.

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Re: GCstar Viewer Crashes

GCstar Viewer (Version 2.11)
Honor 7 Lite (Android 6.0)

GCstar crashes if the database has too many entries. Program starts fine and even shows list of entries, but exactly that moment that you see entry list it just closes it self. (Crashes) I get it work with like 130 movie entries , but at least 500 and above it crashes. I haven't tested excact number entries the software can handle. My DVD database has like 1000 movies entries. I have tryed it with and without pictures, result is same.

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Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.