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Relative Mapping for Video Files

Modified below to add some additional clarification:

I have setup GCStar on a LINUX and Windows machine with the Windows machine accessing the collection via SAMBA. 

I noticed however that the Video file link located on the "Details Tab" isn't working via SAMBA on the windows machine.  I have tried to use the same relative file path as I am using for the images (%WORKING_DIR% - or the "."), but that isn't working.

I have also looked at the documentation regarding using in a networked environment and not sure if this is a bug or something that was just not considered or thought of when networked support was considered.
Would it be possible to allow for some type of relative pathing so this function could also work?  Let me know if you need more information.  Thank you.

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Re: Relative Mapping for Video Files


I answered here:


As the real feature request is here, I will post in this topic information about the progress of this task.



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