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Merging data from several sources


first of all: gcstar is really cute - I hacked a similar app (cmd line only), but now I'm definitely planning to migrate my data to gcstar.

One feature that would be really great: Allow an automatic merge of several data imports - this could be done by simply adding a checkbox "fill empty fields only". This feature (if enabled by default) would be a great enhancement when importing from "many sites": The import filters selected would be executed in the desired order, extending the data of the previous filter runs. For example, this would allow to import DVD data from Amazon (cover, rating, ... in the selected language) and extend the missing fields (e.g. genres) from IMDb.



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Re: Merging data from several sources


There is already a feature to do that, but it is not automatic as you suggested. You may select the fields that need to be imported when selecting a result from a website. It is explained here: http://www.gcstar.org/doc.items#internet

You may use this before this feature is implemented.



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