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im spanish boy.This is a great!! program.Thx for the job.Sorry if my english is not enough good.

Is possible to add spanish scripts to download the info in internet?(specially for music and games)

and a question..CDDB is the most complete database for music..isnt it?if "yes" is possible add to the program?

thx for all



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Re: spanish


Could you please give URLs for websites that could be useful for you. Then I will add them to this topic: http://forums.gcstar.org/viewtopic.php?id=72

So if any developer/contributor could be aware that a user requested it. It would be nice also if you could attach some screenshots describing the available fields on the websites. Then even a non-spanish person would be able to create the plugins. You may find an example in this topic wheer a user requested a plugin for casadelibro.com: http://forums.gcstar.org/viewtopic.php?id=30

Concerning CDDB, I think it's commercial. FreeDB would be better. I just see that they re-activated the text search. So it could be integrated as a classic plugin. The 1st plan was to add it as an extraction plugin, where it would get information from a CD device.



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