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Gcstar data position

Am running Ubuntu 12.10 with a separate partition for my home folder.
Where does Gcstar save its data too ? when ever I update my
operating system I lose my collection data.
Thanks in advance.



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Re: Gcstar data position

Usually? I guess that home directory.
When you create a new collection, GCstar asks where do you want to save it. So, it depends. Where you tell it to do ^_^U
You can have different collections saved on different folders, if you told GCstar to do that way.

You can locate all your collections typing on terminal

locate *.gcs

Or, if you only have one o two and are sure that they're on the same place, with a simple File-> Save as... with a collection open, the folder that opens is where you stored the collection.

You need also to look into Settings-> Preferences, just in case you specified a different path to store the images.

Sorry for the late. Hope that you figured out time ago.

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