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Film: articles at the end of titles

Hi there!

Great program, seriously useful, and is currently (and easily) replacing my largish HTML file... smile

Just one change question: if I select the Option "Display / Articles / Place articles at the end of titles", I find it rather useful. However, the article is placed in brackets, for example: "Aviator, (The)".
This looks strange - perhaps it's just me, perhaps it's us crazy Germany, but I'd much prefere to have a simple colon there, like this: "Aviator, The".
Perhaps as an additional option? Or, even better, self-definably: "%name, %article", or "%name, (%article)", or even "%article %name"...

Come to think of it, I just thought of a second extension: if I add another film, I can select a video file, in "Details / Open". Very useful. But could the program remember in which directory I selected a file last time? Currently, it always shows up my home directory, and I have to click about in it...





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