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Create a compatible Web clone

I'm wondering if there is an implementation of GCstar that runs on a webserver, since there seem to be mobile applications for accessing data managed by GCstar. If there is no such a version of GCstar, ...

  • How do those mobile apps work?
  • How and where does GCstar store the data? (Sorry, I couldn't find this from scanning over the source code. Can someone give me some pointers?)
  • Would it make sense to write a GCstar clone in, say, Python/Django that uses the same data structures (and is either compatible or can import/export data in both directions)?

  • I'd be very much interested in learning more about this!



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    Re: Create a compatible Web clone

    GCstar is currently using flat files to store collections : an XML file with a GCS extension for each collection associated with a directory containing all the images. It loads the whole collection in memory and there may be some memory or performance problems for big collections. The code to read that file is in the script GCBackendXmlParser.pm. It may be interesting to develop another backend for a database, MongoDB probably being a natural choice there.

    Launching another project for a new open source collection manager is quite ambitious : GCstar is barely surviving, DataCrow stopped evolving, Tellico is not multi-platform. As long as GTK2 is still supported in Perl, I think it's worth keeping GCstar up to date (help wanted!).

    GCstar has 2 companion apps on Android: GCstar Scanner to scan barcodes to easily inject items in collections (I have some ideas to improve this apps but unfortunately the licensing of the code is still uncertain), GCstar Viewer in open source to browse a collection that was previously exported on the mobile device.

    It is also possible to export a collection as HTML files that can be uploaded to a web server or browsed locally. Such publication can be automated using GCstar in command line mode.



    Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.