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Unable to add/create new collection

I'm on Linux Mint 19.3. Using gcstar version 1.7.1+repack-1 (bionic) installed from the repo.

When I try to create a new collection (say, using the board games default model) nothing happens. Here's what I get from the terminal when I try:

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Fatal error with plugin GCReservoirJeux
***    : Unescaped left brace in regex is illegal here in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/^\s{ <-- HERE 2,/ at /usr/bin/../share/gcstar/lib/GCPlugins/GCboardgames/GCReservoirJeux.pm line 202.
***   Compilation failed in require at (eval 348) line 2.
***   BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 348) line 2.
***  ignoring at /usr/bin/gcstar line 328.

Please help/advise.



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Re: Unable to add/create new collection

The ReservoirJeux site is no longer available (see list of available plugins). You may try do delete the file


under the GCstar directory (should be /usr/share/gcstar).

You may also try to upgrade to the latest version.



Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.