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Can not open any GCstar file

Version: 1.7.1Operating system: linuxError message: /home/nick/Desktop/Data/Documents/GCStar/dvd.gcsCannot open items list. Format may be incorrect.undef is not of type Gtk2::Widget at /home/nick/bin/bin/../lib/gcstar/GCGraphicComponents/GCBaseWidgets.pm line 1013.Additional information:

So, is there any way I can open all my gcstar files? This message popped up after upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04LTS




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Re: Can not open any GCstar file

In some recent Linux distribution (Debian, Ubuntu), the Gtk2 librairie is not natively available. The problem may be related to that situation.

A Gtk3 port of GCstar is under way and the application is mostly functional with minor glitches and lack of support of localization for some items of the interface. It's in the Gtk3 branch of the Gitlab repo. As GCstar is not currently packages for Linux, it has to be manually installed. Make sure you have a backup of your collections' files!

Hope this helps.



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