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RFC: Computer collection

Hello all,
Anybody collect computers? If yes, then please read on!

Attached is my user-defined model (.gcm) for a computer collection (.gcs) that I am working on.
I probably went overkill on all the fields in it. The collection not only covers computers, but also peripherals and parts. I just leave fields blank for what does not apply.

Try it out! Any comments are welcome.


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Re: RFC: Computer collection

Any chance this is available this is exactly what I am looking for



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Re: RFC: Computer collection

Unfortunately the attachment doesn't seem to be available anymore. You may try to contact revcpm to check if he's still able to provide it after all these years! Or someone on the forum may have downloaded it a while ago and could repost it!

For inventories and computer fleet management, there are dedicated open source software solutions that may be more powerful that GCstar with for example the auto-discovery of hardware configurations and regular consistency checks.

In last resort, you may provide the type of information you may need and a new model could be initiated.



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