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Drag and drop in "Images" list/view


You have a pretty good product here, however I have one particular gripe. Why is it not possible to drag-and-drop items in a list (ie. Books) into another Tag in main window (ie. the collection content) when in "Images" mode? I use Tags to list whether I have (an example here) Read, Owned, or Want to Read my set of books, and thus it's very easy to move them around between Tags (ie. after I've owned or read a book) like I do in "Detailed" mode. However, obviously "Images" mode is much nicer to look and navigate around, but in order to change the Tags on them you have to open each item, go to the last pane, and manually change the Tags, which is just way too many steps for such a simple operation.

Your software is much more robust than MediaMan, however you could benefit from a simpler UI and better navigation/browsing.




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