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[Fetch plugins] Problem with setting single/double list fields


I am unable to store diacritics containing strings into single or double list field. The fetch plugin hang after the parsing is finished. Theres is no problem with ASCII strings. I test it with GCStar 1.6.1 and 1.5.0 on Debian sid with perl 5.10.1 and on GCStar 1.6.1 on MS Windows.

I tried to store literal strings (not parsed one) with same problem. Even calling  Text::Unaccent and several other functions on the string causes hang too. Nevertheless I have no problem in single perl script I wrote for testing.

Only workaround I found is to store items as comma delimited string into the lists (i.e. movie actors). But then arise an issue with items containing comma as they will be split into more items.

Is anybody able to store diacritics containing string in single/double list fields or is there a way how to escape commas inside items when storing them as comma delimited string?




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