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New simple HTML export plugin for Software Collection

Here is my new simple HTML export plugin for Software Collection. I've created it because the generic HTML export plugin couldn't handle properly triple list fields (used here for storing registration data of apps). The other reason was that registration data of some applications contained no spaces which didn't allow text wrapping and caused HTML output to be very wide so it didn't fit screen width and forced horizontal scrolling. It was also impossible to fit the output on paper sheet if someone wanted to print the list. Now all this issues are fixed.

Features of new plugin:
- handles triple list fields without need to modify GCstar core files
- text wrapping of long text fileds containing no spaces
- improved presentation of the registration data of applications stored in collection

1. To make this plugin work you will have to replace original "GCExportHTML.pm" file in GCstar\lib\gcstar\GCExport with updated one from attachment. The only difference between original file and the new one is added support of CSS class for table fields in HTML output (modified line 277 of the original file).

Update: I don't know why but I can't add second attachment after editing this post. So here is external link to download updated GCExportHTML.pm

2. Next extract contents of the attached "SimpleHTMLExportPlugin.zip" archive to: GCstar\share\gcstar\html_models\GCsoftware. After that you will be able to use the new plugin in GCstar.

I hope this HTML export fix and plugin will be incorporated in future releases of GCstar.

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Re: New simple HTML export plugin for Software Collection

Hi Qoolman,
as you probably have noticed, I've created a GCStar temp repo, with the aim to cumulate patches until they will be committed to the SVN Repository.

So I would add your export HTML model to the temp repo.
I've tested it,and it works fine, but I think GCExportHTML.pm should not be modified.
It is a shared file among plugins, so a change in it will affect all plugins export HTML models, and may lead to misbehaviours.

I think the change you have done in GCExportHTML.pm should be done in your HTML model file.
Can you check if is it possible to do so?
At least, we could use javascript to do it.
Another thing, it is better to use a name other than "Simple" or "Shelf" for an HTML model, as these last are default models.

Let me know.


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