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BoardGameGeek's ID List Import

Hi all!
A friend of mine ( a great boardgames collectionist big_smile ) made me know this great software yesterday and I started immediatly to find a way to import his huge bgg collection in it.
I tried using CSV import (with the BoardGameGeek collection csv file) and the Names List (with just the names from the same csv) but it was quite hard (with non-unique names)!

After some struggle I decided to create a copy of the List Import package specific for BGG id's list and here it is.

Next step would be to adapt the Names List Import to handle both names and ids, but this would require some work on the bgg plugin, I think... Till then, if you want use this, you just have to put the file in the <GCstar>/lib/gcstar/GCImport/ folder and choose the "BGG ID List" in the import menu.

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