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Movie collection barcode scan

- What version of GCstar you use


- Which platform you are running GCstar on (GNU/Linux, Windows,...)


- What is the version of your operating systems (Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 6.10,...)

Fedora 15

- What part of GCstar is concerned by your bug (installation, Internet searches, data import,...)

Movie Import via scanner

- How this could be reproduced

* Start gcstar with a new, empty movie collection
* Use File->Import->Barcode scanner to open the scan window
* Select a local scanner, Amazon (DE) as source and "Add to current collection"
* Start Import and scan any DVD (I used 4010324027900 for the test)
* After the confirmation that "Das Konzert" will be added, select Done
* Watch the error message:

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Can't call method "close" on an undefined value at .../lib/gcstar/GCImport/GCImportScanner.pm line 169.
***  ignoring at .../bin/gcstar line 328.

* The import window is gone, the scanner configuration window is visible again but no part of the application does react anymore.



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Re: Movie collection barcode scan

Ok, the problem was simple. I use a barcode scanner that acts like a keyboard. GCImportScanner wants to close a socket to a scanner at the error line which is undefined if you scan via a keyboard device or even enter the barcode with a keyboard.

One just has to add an "if $self->{socket}" to the close statement and life can continue.

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