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MKV file information - perl script

Hi All,

Great software. I have just started with my movie collection and it's going well so far. Just one small thing:

A lot of my files are Matroska (mkv) files and GCstar does not support retrieval of file info from these files. A quick search of these forums suggests that a Perl script is needed but it would appear that nobody has been able to find/write one yet.

I have very little programming knowledge so can't be of much help, but I have found a script released under the same license as perl:


MKV support would be great so hopefully someone with perl experience may be able to jump in and modify this for use by GCstar smile



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Re: MKV file information - perl script

Yes, mkv support would be great !



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Re: MKV file information - perl script

If somebody still need it - i've updated GCExtractFilms.pm of 1.6.2 version.
Support of MKV is done with exiftool. Basic functionality was extended to get list of all audio tracks and subtitles.



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