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Selected Movie to Watch

I would like to have a option to select multiple movies from my collection and have them appear in a separate window as options to watch. To select the movies it would be nice to be able to either click on the thumbnail in the image list or have a check box on the General Tab. When the movie is selected it will add a entry in a separate window of that selected movie and if you select another movie it adds another entry to the open window and so on. Also in the displayed list that is in a separate window it would be nice to allow the user to navigate up and down of the selected movies and view the information of each movie when the cursor is on one of the movies from the list in the separate window.

I have a big collection and when I want to choose a movie or someone is borrowing a movie it will make it easier to have a list of just a few movies that have been selected. It also would make it so you don't have to remember a movie that you have already selected as an option to watch because it will be in the list.



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