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Added 'Producer'-Field in 23 languages

Hey Community!

Like you can read in the subject of this topic, I've added the possibility to enter the producer name(s). I've additionally translated it in:

- arabian
- bulgarian
- catalonian
- czech
- german
- greek
- english
- spanish
- french
- galician
- hungarian
- indonesian
- italian
- dutch
- polish
- portuguese
- romanian
- russian
- slovenian
- swedish
- turkish
- ukrainian
- chinese (traditional)

All you need is two files. The one with the added field and the one for your appropriate language folder:



A problem may be, that the 'Producer'-field can not be automatically filled while working with the internet-search plugin for any of the supported sites. I tested it, but on no site was an entry within the 'Producer'-field shown (within gcstar working with the plugin). Maybe there really isn't any entry to 'Producer', maybe the corresponding plugins don't provide such an entry, maybe my file is unfinished. I don't know.

To keep it simple, I've took all the language files into one archive, instead of creating one for each language. So just pick your language and leave the rest. Within the archive is a .txt file for giving you the correct path. Thanks for your interrest, comments are welcome.

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Re: Added 'Producer'-Field in 23 languages

Please do not download this file...I've edited it some more and now you've got a field for screenplay too. I've just have to translate it...so in a few minutes, I will upload the latest .rar-file wink


So, now you can download the new .rar file with the new Producerfield AND the new Screenplayfield. All translated into the 23 languages seen above. I'm giving no guarantee that the translation is absolutely correct, 'cause I've done it with Google,...obviously I do not speak 23 languages wink

So, again: Every comment is welcome, thank you for your interrest.

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