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Wishlist for the next android viewer update

Hey @ all!

I don't know if or when a new update for the android viewer is in progress. But if this someday happens, then please try to consider (some of) this wish(es):

Starving search function:
The search function in the android viewer is quite useless. The only thing you can search for is the name of movies or whatever you have collected in your collection. So you can only search for the name of the entries. You can't search for actors, you can't search for the director, you can't search for the year, you can search for nothing except for the name. That's....phew....not really useful.
A REAL search function would be great wink

Thank you wink



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Re: Wishlist for the next android viewer update

Another suggestion is more views then only all or pictures. Maybe a series view (for comics smile ) Or maybe make that configurable by the user.

Nice app though

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